Zero Knowledge E2E encrypted storage

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E2E encryption

Your data gets encrypted before leaving your device. Battle tested AES-256 GCM encryption scheme used by AWS.

File sharing

Share your encrypted files directly from your S3 bucket. Data gets decrypted on the fly within the recipient's browser.

Media backup

Protect your memories. Select your albums and let it automatically upload whenever you take a new photo.

SyncIn progress

Synchronize your files and keep their versions up to date across your multiple devices.

S3 compatible

Compatible with any S3 provider including AWS S3, Backblaze, Wasabi, Scaleway, Storj or self-hosted MinIO, Garage or SeaweedFS


No need to run a VPS, as with Nextcloud.
Free tiers available up to 150GB (Storj), then PAYG from $0.005/gb/mo (Backblaze).

No vendor lock-in

Fully own your data. S3 is an open protocol. You can either export your data elsewhere or switch to a different S3 client.

Privacy oriented

Your personal encrypted data isn't shared with anyone but S3 provider of your choice. No tracking, no middle-man, no adverts.

Open encryption standard

Security isn't easy to get right. We're using open-source file encryption scheme introduced by AWS.
Every file has its own unique encryption key protected by your master key.