Zero Knowledge E2E encrypted storage

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E2E encryption

Your data gets encrypted before leaving your device. Encryption scheme is open and 100% compatible with Rclone.


Synchronize your local folders using sync modes: Copy, Move, Sync, Two-way or sync directly between providers.

Drive mount

Access your encrypted data as if it was your local hard drive. File explorer integration on Android.

Auto media backup

Protect your memories. Select your albums and let app automatically upload in the background whenever you take a new photo.

S3 compatible

Compatible with any S3 provider including AWS S3, Backblaze, Wasabi, Cloudflare or self-hosted MinIO, Ceph or OpenStack Swift

Rclone compatible

Compatible with multiple protocols (WebDav, SFTP), storage providers (Gdrive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Proton) and other clouds. Full list


Use free tier (S3 providers) or pay only for used storage (e.g. $0.006/GB/month Backblaze) or host yourself on Raspberry Pi.

No vendor lock-in

Fully own your data. S3 is an open protocol. You can always export your data using Rclone or switch to a different S3 client.

File sharing

Share your encrypted files via generated secure link. Data gets decrypted on the fly within the recipient's browser.


Index your files and directories and search recursively by name or file type. Supports filename encryption.

Privacy oriented

Your personal encrypted data isn't shared with anyone, but an endpoint of your choice. No tracking, no middle-man, no adverts.


No need to run a server, as with other solutions. Start with a simple account and then decide to self-host whenever you're ready.

Encrypted video playout

Play your videos instantly on your mobile, desktop or web. No need to wait for full download. Decryption runs on-the-fly.


Keep track of your file changes and protect your files from unexpected changes. Restore specific version as needed.

Open encryption standard

Security isn't easy to get right. We're using open-source battle-tested encryption scheme used by Rclone. This doesn't lock you in and allows you to export your data as needed.