[1.9.7] - 2024-07-17

Fix rename issues on Storj and iDrive

[1.9.6] - 2024-07-13

Fix double name encryption issue for folder upload (Android),
Enable debug logs option,
Add iDrive E2 same file check workaround,
Increase upload timeout to 40s

[1.9.5] - 2024-07-09

Improve horizontal video play-out experience,
Add support for provider,
Resolve Bluetooth related crash on Android

[1.9.4] - 2024-07-05

Fix selected profile during E2E configuration,
Fix empty mount if custom profile name was used

[1.9.3] - 2024-07-02

Improve multipart upload concurrency,
Improve file upload error retry mechanism,
Fix video play-out crash on Linux,
Add files count to storage stats,
Improve Android mount refresh rate

[1.9.2] - 2024-06-26

Fix black screen issue on Windows,
Fix media backup “Match” feature for encrypted files,
Two-way sync make “Max delete” option configurable,
Add loading/error indication to Cached mode rebuild,
Add option to enable/disable network mount on Windows,
Update Rclone version to v1.67.0

[1.9.1] - 2024-06-10

Improved back-end with 10GB free storage,
Split app settings global / per profile,
Speed up app startup,
Fix “Forbidden 403” issue for managed accounts,
Fix audio play-out on Android,
Improve settings persistence,
Improve login screens and navigation

[1.9.0] - 2024-06-05

New storage back-end for managed accounts,
Fix Proton Drive sync SHA1 issue,

[1.8.9] - 2024-05-13

Support for sub-folders upload on Android

[1.8.8] - 2024-05-05

Improve Rclone blocking issue on Android,
Prevent screen turn-off during sync,
Use 1000 (not 1024) base when displaying file size,
Fix app links in Flathub release,
Fix upload issue on Web

[1.8.7+1] - 2024-04-29

Improve .deb build (resolve libmpv1 and glibc issues), Improve AppImage build (smaller size, glibc compat)

[1.8.7] - 2024-04-27

Support self-signed certificate (PEM),
Fix mount for Rclone back-ends

[1.8.6] - 2024-04-23

Fix UTF8 character encoding during copy/move/rename,
Make sorting case-insensitive for cached mode,
Preserve cached mode setting when navigating back from other pages,
Provide option to use long date format in Files listing,
Fix persistence of “System default” theme setting

[1.8.5] - 2024-04-19

Fix startup issues on Android,
Improve versioning detection to avoid copy/move on Storj,
Add listing timeout to avoid blocking spinner issue

[1.8.4] - 2024-04-16

Resolve iOS freeze issue for Rclone back-ends,
Fix Sync permission issue for Android 10 and older,
Fix Cubbit S3 comma encoding,
Fix multipart upload cleanup for Cubbit S3,
Fix startup issue on some Linux distros

[1.8.3] - 2024-04-10

Add an option to create new bucket,
Add an option to forcefully close loading indicator,
Increase upload/download timeout to 20s,
Fix background backups for Rclone endpoints (Android),
Update underlying Rclone to v1.66.0,
Add support for AWS-KMS mount or SSE iDrive E2 bucket,
Fix multipart upload transfer progress,
Fix encrypted audio play-out iOS/macOS,
Switch audio player on Windows,
Improve CORS setting on Web,
App startup improvements,
Styling tweaks

[1.8.2] - 2024-04-02

Fix Sync timer widget when Dark mode theme selected,
Fix “Show info” not opening on Cloudflare R2

[1.8.1] - 2024-03-29

Skip existing files during upload,
Improve upload of bigger files on Android,
Fix modification date for uploads on Web and Android

[1.8.0] - 2024-03

Allow setting custom profile name,
Fix mount path / name according to profile name / bucket name,
Media backup tool improvements - fix failed uploads being marked as successful, preserve folder structure, hide “All” album on Android,
Resolve issues with folder sync permission (macOS),
Fix Rclone download (Windows), Use FUSE mount due to NFS freeze issues,
Dependencies upgrade and performance updates

[1.7.17] - 2024-03-01

Implement file version preview, open, download,
Improve playout of encrypted media,
Highlight drag&drop move on mobile,
Resolve folder duplication issue in cached mode

[1.7.15+2] - 2024-02-28

Desktop/Web default select, open on double click,
Improve icon positioning on Files screen,
Allow disabling blur effect

[1.7.15+1] - 2024-02-27

Support drag&drop file/folder move,
Add clickable breadcrumbs

[1.7.15] - 2024-02-24

Resolve subscription issues on macOS,
Resolve rename issues (Web),
Fix file upload issue within folder (Web)

[1.7.14] - 2024-02-22

Resolve subscription issues on iOS,
Implement unsigned URLs,
Implement custom sharing domain,
Improve sorting persistence between folders,
Upgrade internal framework version

[1.7.12] - 2024-02-20

Fix new folder creation during move/copy operation,
Improve offline files functionality,
Allow sorting on offline page,
Play audio from local file if offlined,
Audio player dark-theme update

[1.7.11] - 2024-02-11

Fix bug leading to corrupted rename on iDrive

[1.7.10] - 2024-02-10

Fix credentials export issue,
Add basic breadcrumbs,
Add encryption indicator icon

[1.7.9] - 2024-02-09

Android folder sync,
MacOS local sync (.DMG release)

[1.7.8] - 2024-02-07

Complete rewrite of sync UI,
Sync scheduling (e.g. every 30 min),
Edit existing sync entries,
Create new folders from sync UI,
Improved selection of source/destination,
Improve login experience

[1.7.7] - 2024-01-27

Increase modification time precision,
Improve character encoding to solve issues with Cubbit DS3,
Add support for libmpv2 in .deb release,
Resolve couple issues in Sync functionality

[1.7.6] - 2024-01-25

Resolve logout issues for managed account,
Add mount cache settings,
Add option to specify custom region,
Improve windows size,
Resolve S3 screen redirect issue when readding Rclone,
Resolve multiple media upload issue on iOS

[1.7.5] - 2024-01-21

Introduce Android .APK release with local FS sync support,
Add additional “Move” (Delete after copy) sync mode,
Implement sync folder picker,
Fix shared file whitespace issue on iOS

[1.7.4] - 2024-01-11

Fix issue with sharing files from other apps to S3Drive on iOS,
Fix opening/downloading files from non-S3 back-ends on iOS

[1.7.3+1] - 2024-01-11

Resolve mount issues (blocking UI) on Windows/Linux

[1.7.3] - 2024-01-08

Android file mount / integration with native file explorer (read-only),

[1.7.2] - 2024-01-05

Fix prefix issues in move/copy/rename operations,

[1.7.1] - 2024-01-04

Introduce new syncing feature (copy, sync, two-way),
Preserve file modification date using: x-amz-meta-mtime header

[1.7.0] - 2023-12-29

Add support for 70+ Rclone back-ends,
Implement audio player with playlist and background play,
Implement native mount on macOS without macFUSE or FUSE-T dependencies,
Simplify mount on Windows, Linux, macOS, so no Rclone installation is required,
Fix sort toggle setting not being preserved,
Fix sub-folder issue during folder sync

[1.6.5] - 2023-12-04

Fix UI lag during encrypted file upload,
Fix sharing non-media file to S3Drive (iOS),
Remove time limit on watching for file changes during external edit,

[1.6.4] - 2023-11-29

UI improvements,
Implement basic tooltips,
Implement app auto-start,
Implement disk auto-mount when app starts,
Fix folder upload slash issue on Windows,
Add zenity dependency to .AppImage and .deb to resolve file picker issue on XFCE / Xubuntu,

[1.6.3] - 2023-11-22

New/old design toggle in the settings,
Support for listing-only buckets,
Album preview speed improvements,
Upload multiple media files (iOS),
Show info fix for folder entries,

[1.6.2] - 2023-11-20

New app design,
Keep the screen on during pending uploads/downloads,
Fix upload and take photo/video on mobile

[1.6.1] - 2023-11-18

Drag&drop directory upload support (desktop),
Display current upload/download speed,
Improved upload speed and consistency,
Improved upload queueing mechanism,
Improved folder upload on Android,
Transfers tab improvements,
Add transfer counters in each category,
Simplify import JSON format,
Fix empty file Rclone compatibility,
Add encrypted key details to “Show info” feature

[1.6.0] - 2023-11-02

Markdown files preview,
Improvements to media backup functionality,
Improve background uploads,
Backup constraints (only wifi, charging, low battery),
Fetch already uploaded media files by name,
Update media counters upload online,
Mount drive as a network resource (Windows),
Create folders by adding .empty file inside - MinIO workaround,

[1.5.9] - 2023-10-23

List S3Drive in list of: “Open from” apps (Android),
Implement photo zooming,
Add smooth swipe left/right media preview,
Fix album pictures preview,
Add file name caption,
Fix in-app payment issues

[1.5.8] - 2023-10-16

Allow sharing to S3Drive (iOS),
Add option to hide video/image thumbnails,
Add logs in About Me page,

[1.5.7] - 2023-10-07

Resolve video issues on macOS,
Strengthen macOS package signing,
Implement “Object info” feature,
Bugfixes to import/export feature,
Further tweaks to background upload (iOS)

[1.5.6] - 2023-10-05

Allow partial media selection (iOS),

[1.5.5] - 2023-10-04

Allow custom Storage Class,
Allow custom media upload path,
Experimental media background backup
with basic upload constraints,
Improve delete speed in trash,
Implement “Delete markers” cleanup,
Allow logs to be selectable,

[1.5.4] - 2023-09-30

S3 credentials JSON import/export

[1.5.3] - 2023-09-22

Search by name, size, file type, date modified,
Import buckets feature / autodiscovery,
Folder ZIP download,
Fix bucket listing for Web,
Folder upload for Web

[1.5.2] - 2023-09-14

Allow opening file externally, editing and saving it back to S3Drive,
Fix alphabetic order of folders and filenames,
Use “application/octet-stream” content type for encrypted paths,
Allow refreshing results on mobile by pull,
Add refresh button on desktop/web

[1.5.1] - 2023-09-08

Allow sharing files from other apps and upload it to S3Drive,
Add WebDav server for desktop,
Fix version “prefix issue” match during hard delete, trash delete and rename operations,
Fix remaining storage indicator invalid value

[1.5.0] - 2023-08-21

Managed account with no bandwidth / API rate limit,
Storage quota - display account plan capacity

[1.4.9] - 2023-08-13

Fix swipe left/right on Android/iOS,
Preserve folder path when quitting preview,
Display port in profiles,
Improve filename decryption for paths with mixed encrypted/unencrypted segments

[1.4.8] - 2023-08-06

Add integration with password managers,
Resolve video decryption proxy issues on Web,
Fix Request Signature issues for bigger files on some S3 providers

[1.4.7] - 2023-08-02

Resolve credentials persistence issue during E2E setup,
Fix trash ordering,
Refresh listings after filename encryption change,
Display raw key for Rclone instead of legacy base64

[1.4.6+1] - 2023-08-01

Fix UTF8 / emoji character issues in text edit,
Improve filename of taken photos/videos,
Add profile switcher icon,

[1.4.6] - 2023-07-31

Encrypted video playout for Web

[1.4.5] - 2023-07-28

Resolve offline files issues,
Switch to MPV player on Android & iOS,
Improve encrypted video playout performance

[1.4.4] - 2023-07-27

Replace video engine from VLC to MPV for improved performance on Linux and Windows,
Update MPV on macOS to the newest available,
Linux include dependencies in AppImage

[1.4.3] - 2023-07-25

Experimental playout for encrypted videos,

[1.4.2] - 2023-07-23

Fix bug in rename function for files with encrypted filename,

[1.4.0] - 2023-07-21

Rclone compatible encryption scheme,
Multipart upload,
Filename and directory encryption,
Drive mount,
New in-app sharing experience,
Object lock support,
ZIP download on all platforms,
Content-MD5 header support,
Resolved performance & memory issues when encrypting/decrypting bigger files

[1.3.0] - 2023-06-21

Two-way sync for desktop,
Improved encryption memory footprint

[1.2.13] - 2023-06-07

Resolve an issue when uploading empty file

[1.2.12] - 2023-06-06

Improve mime type detection when uploading files

[1.2.11] - 2023-05-31

Resolve an issue when making changes to E2E when multiple profiles enabled,
Resolve an issue with settings persistence,
Improve folder upload functionality

[1.2.10] - 2023-05-26

New launcher icon,
Improve transfers tab feedback on slower connections,
Resolve thumbnail issues on Cloudflare R2,
Minor performance improvements and bugfixes
Add retry all failed transfers option

[1.2.9] - 2023-05-20

Fix delete issue on Cloudflare R2,
Fix cache issue when uploading local file,
New app icon

[1.2.8] - 2023-05-18

Add new file option,
Text file edit option

[1.2.5] - 2023-05-12

Support for Cloudflare R2

[1.2.4] - 2023-05-07

Offline files fixes,
Fix preview as text,
Fix audio permissions when viewing albums,
Add request timeout to S3 credentials validation,
Performance improvements & bugfixes

[1.2.3] - 2023-05-03

Implement storage stats for non-versioned buckets,
Fix login issues on Storj,
Add safe checks before deleting versions,
Improve search index rebuild UI, Swipe left/right fix media files playing in loop,
Performance improvements & bugfixes

[1.2.2] - 2023-05-02

Bugfixes in the login/profiles section,
Minor improvements

[1.2.1] - 2023-04-26

Swipe left/right file preview/gallery

[1.2.0] - 2023-04-25

Improve video compression settings,
New versioning features (restore files, delete versions),
Improved move/rename/copy operations to manage versions,
NEW Recently changed files tab,
Used storage summary,
Search tool improvements,
Performance & bugfixes

[1.1.7] - 2023-04-14

Folder upload improvements:
Improve sub-folder hierarchy,
update UI immediately after folder upload finish

[1.1.6] - 2023-04-13

Option to list previous file revisions,
List available S3 buckets during login + password toggle,
Folder upload,
Add expiry time slider for shared files,
Option for raw presigned sharing

[1.1.4] - 2023-04-11

iOS live photos backup support,
Option to disable Trash soft-delete,
Password preview toggle for S3,
Support for encrypted iDrive E2 buckets,
Managed accounts preview,
Performance improvements and bugfixes

[1.1.2] - 2023-02-27

Photo & video backup module,
Transfers real-time status updates

[1.1.1] - 2023-02-20

Improve multi-file uploads performance,
Transfers section tabs + retry failed

[1.1.0] - 2023-02-14

Multiple profiles support,
Bugfixes and UI improvements

[1.0.23] - 2023-01-30

Thumbnails caching fix,
Video thumbnails added,
Minor UI and performance improvements

[1.0.22] - 2023-01-28

Improved upload speed of encrypted files

[1.0.21] - 2023-01-28

Video preview cache,
Improved thumbnail load and download speed for encrypted files

[1.0.20] - 2023-01-26

Initial iOS release

[1.0.17] - 2023-01-19

File preview and download cancelling,
Progress preview in transfers,
Trash page selection issue fix,
Deleted folders preview

[1.0.14] - 2023-01-11

Initial Windows release

[1.0.13] - 2023-01-09

Fix sharing link create issue

[1.0.11] - 2023-01-09

MinIO region auto-detection

[1.0.9] - 2023-01-07

Bug fixes in offline section

[1.0.8] - 2023-01-07

Allow custom port, IP address, explicit HTTP scheme

[1.0.7] - 2023-01-07

Zero Knowledge E2E encryption (AES-GCM),
Multiple files encrypted sharing,
UI & stability improvements

[1.0.6] - 2022-12-12

Initial macOS release,
Initial web release

[1.0.5] - 2022-12-03

Implement search function,
Add search support for nested tree of sub-folders

[1.0.4] - 2022-12-01

Initial Android release,
Recycle bin,
Offline folders,
Implement folder-level operations

[1.0.1] - 2022-11-09

Initial Linux release

S3Drive predecessors (Android only)

PhotoSync for S3 / Sync for Backblaze B2

[1.5.9] - 2023-01-21

Final update,
App functionality replaced by S3Drive,
App available for existing customers indefinitely


[1.0.0] - 2022-07-14

Initial Android release:
Sync for Backblaze B2 (com.syncsolutions.backblazesync) - 2022-07-14,
PhotoSync for S3 (com.photosync.s3) - 2022-08-08